Chatty Clients

Sometimes, our clients LOVE talking to us! Unfortunately, as much as we love our clients and would enjoy talking to them all day, we do ave other clients who need our attention, too! However, it can be so hard to get the chatty person off the phone or away from the front desk. This course

Behavioral Interviewing

There are many different ways of interviewing job applicants. However, not all of these interview types allow you to get an understanding of the candidate’s actual personality and qualifications for the role. Behavioral interviewing has been proven to be one of the most effective ways of gaining insight into a candidate’s fit for a role.

Basic Employee Training on COVID-19 Infection Prevention

This course provides basic training on COVID-19 and how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace. The information in this course is a compilation of the current recommendations from the CDC and OSHA. This course meets training requirements for most state mandated COVID-19 training.


This course is a basic introduction to OSHA regulations and safety initiatives to be aware of in a veterinary hospital. This is a generalized course; your practice will have its own safety protocols. We recommend watching this course as an introduction, then participating in your practice’s OSHA training program.

Recruitment and #socialmedia

Social media can indeed be a savior when it comes to helping you get more exposure for your current job openings and connecting you with more qualified candidates. On the other hand, social media can also be our doom when it comes to using it as a hiring tool.  Ok, maybe not our doom per se, but

Google Q&A

Google Questions and Answers acts as an open-forum FAQ for your business. Displayed on the Google Knowledge Panel, users can post questions such as “What are your hours” and “Do you accept walk-ins,” allowing anyone, including the business owner, employees or even the general public to respond. The posts are organized according to popularity, meaning

Google Knowledge Panel

Launched in 2012, Google’s Knowledge Panel is a combination of data from different sources that is presented in a box to the right of the organic and paid search results. It’s crucial for businesses to manage the information that they can influence in their Knowledge Panel, such as responding to Google Reviews and ensuring their

How the Points System Works

Lack of accountability in a veterinary hospital is a key factor in the large employee turnover our field sees. Most managers and doctors got into this field to care for patients, not manage employees. Using a non-confrontational accountability system that defines rules and consequences allows practice leadership to manage the team in a way that

Forward Booking

Forward booking is a well-known concept that is not fully utilized in our field. Scheduling every patient’s next appointment is not only a best practice, but it is also one of the best ways to uphold your practice’s mission of providing excellent patient care. This course will teach you the basics about forward booking, explain

Handling Cancellations

Missed appointments cause a snowball effect in the hospital. This course will teach you how to create a cancellation protocol to help prevent clients from canceling or no-showing. It will also provide tips for dealing with both cancellations and missed appointments, including rescheduling the appointment.