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The new LearningVet.com Hub was specifically built to make the lives of veterinary practice owners and managers easier.


Performance Management

Our Performance Management hub is truly a revolution—there’s simply nothing else like it for the veterinary industry. Think of it as the center of your employee management universe, completely customizable for what your hospital needs and making your job as a practice manager easier, simpler, and infinitely more effective.

Managing your team has never been this easy.

  • Streamlined Performance Evaluations
  • Goal & Development Plans
  • Competency Assessments
  • Feedback & Recognition
  • Check-ins (One-on-Ones)
  • Competency Gap Analysis
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Customizable education for practices on the go.

  • Easy Content Assignment
  • Legally Compliant (RACE & VHMA Approved)
  • Express & Advanced Classes
  • Live Training Events
  • Custom Recommendations
  • Team Snapshot
  • App For Tablet or Phone
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Learning Management

Not only will this platform give your team the training they need easily and efficiently, it will also give you a comprehensive tool for tracking and assessing your team’s skills. You get easier employee conversations and evaluations and improved engagement—which results in less turnover, saving you time, money, and stress.

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