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Not only will this platform give your team the training they need easily and efficiently, it will also give you a comprehensive tool for tracking and assessing your team’s skills.


Playlists allow the team to participate in collaborative learning. Similar to playlists on your mobile device, LearningVet.com Hub playlists are lists of LearningVet and other online content curated by each individual team member. This creates a list of content that the person either felt was worth sharing, or they want to remember to watch in the future. Playlists can also be made private, so people can create stress management or compassion fatigue playlists without telling the rest of the hospital about their personal issues.

Express Classes

Express classes solve for two common issues in the hospital. First, express classes allow a practice leader to record when a course in the LearningVet Hub was taken by a group of people together, such as in a staff meeting. With just a few clicks, the manager can record the entire group's attendance. This will make the course show up as “completed” on each person’s transcript, and even qualify them for credit if it is a RACE or VHMA approved course. Express classes also allow the manager to give the team credit for in-hospital learning, such as lunch and learns and wet labs, or to record monthly OSHA safety meetings. Creating an express class for in-hospital learning means that this learning will show up on each person’s transcript, helping the manager show the employee how much opportunity to learn the team member has had. Supporting documents can be uploaded so they can be easily accessed by those who attended the training.

Advanced Testing Engine

Many learning management systems offer quizzes in association with their content, but team members can usually go through the test, write down the right answers, and take the exact same test again and pass it. With LearningVet, this is not an option. Each question has many possible answers, and these are rotated each time the question is asked. It is therefore rare for someone to see the same question with the same answers twice. In addition, each test has many questions that are randomly selected from, so an employee taking a test twice will not see the same questions. This means that the employee’s actual retention of the material is tested, which studies show increases in long-term retention of the information.

Live Training Event

The LearningVet Hub provides the opportunity for team members to participate in live training events. These are hosted via web conferencing right in the Hub. Various live training for supervisor skills, communication skills, and client service skills will be held, giving your team access to interactive training sessions with iVET360 HR and Training professionals and people in similar roles from hospitals across the country.

App for Tablet or Smartphone

One of the most helpful reports in the LearningVet Hub is the Competency Gap Analysis. Based on completed competency assessments, the gap analysis shows the practice leaders exactly where there are skills and training gaps in each department of the practice. This allows managers to use the little available training time to truly target large gaps to create a more well-rounded team. The manager can also use this report during the hiring process, as it helps them identify what traits a new hire should have to compliment the current strengths and weaknesses of the team.

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