Providing Feedback

LearningVet offers you the ability to provide feedback to your team. While we at iVET360 never recommend providing critical or constructive feedback via electronic means, this can create a great opportunity for you to share positive feedback with your team when you have a moment to do so.

  • Click the hamburger icon, then click Home.
  • Click Universal Profile.
  • Click on View Team at the top right side of the page.
  • Click on the team member you want to provide feedback to, then click My Feedback.

Click the “Share Your Feedback” text box. Here, you can type your specific kudos (always be specific!).

You can click the “Everyone” box to choose whether the employee sees the feedback, the employee’s manager sees the feedback, or if everyone can see the feedback.

You can also assign badges based on the feedback you are providing. Click the badge icon to choose one of the available badges to award to the team member.

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