Creating Competency Assessment Tasks

Competency assessments are similar to performance reviews but can be completed at any time to help a team member understand where they are currently, and what they need to work on. Competency assessments can also help you, as a manager, understand where to direct training efforts. One of the best things about competency assessments is that the data from them creates a Competency Gap Analysis Report, which tells you where the gaps are in your team’s skills. This helps you make better hiring and promotion decisions, as well as identify your poorest performers.

Click the hamburger, then Admin, then Performance

Click Competency Assessment Tasks

Click Add task

  • Name your task (person’s name, name of type or assessment, etc.)
  • Can add a description and instructions for the person filling it out, but not required
  • Add a date range for the task period
  • Choose competency assessment task
  • Click Next

Click the symbol next to “Add a Competency Model”

  • You can browse through the models available, or, if you know the name of the one you want, search for it at the top of the pop-up window.
  • Click the plus sign next to the model you want.
  • Click Next

Click Add Relationship

  • Here you can choose who gets to assess this individual. You should always choose a manager, but you are welcome to offer a self-evaluation, or someone else, such as a doctor, to assess the employee
  • Under “Weight”, choose the percentage of importance you want that person’s assessment to have. For instance, the manager can be 100% of the weight, or they can share the weight with other assessors.
  • Decide if you want the results from the assessee or manager to be seen
  • Decide whether you want assessors to offer comments by choosing the box
  • Click Next, then click Next again

Now you will choose who will be assessed

  • If an entire department will be assessed, choose Position, then click the symbol next to the drop-down, then choose the hospital position(s) that will be assessed.
  • If a specific level of a department will be assessed (e.g., Receptionist Level/ Phase 2), choose Level, then click the symbol next to the drop-down, then choose the specific level(s)
  • If you only want to assess one user, click User, then click the symbol next to the drop-down, then choose the user(s)
  • Click Next, then click Save

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