Check-ins allow you and your team to have ongoing conversations about their performance, their job satisfaction, and their ideas about the practice. iVET360 recommends holding these meetings with each team member monthly. If you have a larger team (more than 15 members), your supervisors can perform these with their teams, with you participating in one per quarter or every six months.

Click the hamburger icon, then click Performance.

Click Check-Ins

  • Click Create New Check-In.
  • You can choose an employee from the list, or you can search for one in the search box.
  • Click Continue
  • Choose the template you want to utilize. You can preview each template by clicking Details. For a completely custom template, use the Blank Template.
  • Click Continue
  • On the next page, you can change the name of the check-in, create a description, and choose the frequency with which you want to meet.
  • Click Confirm
  • Next, choose the date you want these meetings to start. They can start that day, or a day in the future.

You are then taken directly to the form. You can also access this form from the Check-Ins menu (hamburger icon > Performance > Check-Ins).

During the meeting, you can enter notes on each topic. At the bottom of the page, you can click Manage Topics if you want to change, delete, or add any topics to the meeting.

At the top right side of the screen, you can click the Goals icon to see the person’s current goals, or Dev Plan to see their current development plan. At the bottom of that pane, you can click Manage to assign a new goal or development plan.

When you are finished with your one on one meeting, click Save to save your comments in the one on one. These comments will be available to you in future one-on-ones and performance reviews.

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