Adding Users Using Upload Template

Step 1: The Spreadsheet Template

  • Download the spreadsheet here
  • All fields that have a red heading are required. You may fill in as many additional fields as you wish.
  • In the Hospital Role column, you will need to enter the Position ID to assign the role that BEST MATCHES the new user’s role. Here are the options:
    • Associate Veterinarian (for any non-owner DVM)
    • Client Care (for anyone who works at the front desk)
    • Credentialed Patient Care (for any technician who is board certified (RVT/ CVT/ LVT, etc.)
    • Groomer (for any groomer, obviously!)
    • Patient Care (for any person who participates in-patient care who is NOT credentialed: kennel assistants, doctor assistants, veterinary assistants, etc.)
    • Practice Manager (for any person in a manager role that is ABOVE supervisors
    • Practice Owner (for any owner in the hospital
    • Supervisor (for any departmental supervisor: tech supervisor, reception supervisor, kennel supervisor, etc.)
  • Save the spreadsheet in an easy to locate place.

Step 2: Upload

  • Click the hamburger icon
  • Click Integration Suite
  • Click on Data Import Wizard
  • Click Users
  • Click Choose file and select the filled-in spreadsheet, then click Upload
  • Click Next
  • A popup window will appear with options. Since you are uploading an Excel spreadsheet saved as a .xls or .xlsx document, you will select:
    • Worksheet 1
    • Standard/ Default Template
  • Click the “My file has titles/ headers” box
  • Click Continue
  • Click Next

Step 3: Review

  • Review the headers that have been matched to the system’s headers. This ensures that the data being uploaded will go to the right fields in the system.
  • Unmatched fields are listed on the right in the Unmatched Fields column.
    • Click and drag unmatched fields to the appropriate row in the Matched Fields column.
  • All red fields must be matched with one of the file headers to proceed. We recommend matching as many fields as possible for the most accurate data upload.
  • Click Preview to verify that the data is properly matched.
    • System data fields are displayed in green
    • Uploaded spreadsheet headers are displayed in blue
    • If some data is not properly matched, you can go back and reorganize the fields.
  • This spreadsheet can be saved as a template for future use.
    • Click Save Template
    • Enter a name for the template.
  • Click Next

Step 4: Processing options

  • There are only two boxes on this page that you need to check:
    • Do not allow relationships with inactive users or OUs
    • Assign default passwords for all new users.
  • Click the radio

Step 5: Validate

  • If there are any errors, click the View Errors button on the right of the progress bar. You will need to go back to your template and make any corrections or the data will not load properly.
    • You can see how to fix errors by clicking the How to Fix Errors link.
    • You may also click the Helpful Hints link at the bottom left corner of the page for additional information
  • After resolving issues on the spreadsheet, click the Load Same File Type Again. You can also click the Restart link to begin the process over.
  • Click Continue Validation.
  • A summary of the results has displayed that shows:
    • Number of records that will be updated
    • Number of records that will be added
    • Number of records that have errors and cannot be updated
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