Adding Users Manually

  • Click the hamburger symbol
  • Click admin, then click Users
  • Under search fields, click Add User

The information you will need to add:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • User Name and User ID (these should be the user’s email address)

You can also opt to enter hire dates for your team as well as the user’s address and phone number.

Enter the user’s email address, which should be the same as the User Name and User ID.

Select your time zone. This isn’t required, but may come in useful for future live trainings.

Enter the user’s manager by clicking the box next to the manager field. Type some or all of the manager’s name and press enter. Select the person you wish to assign as the new user’s manager.

Enter the user’s position. Here are the options:

  • Associate Veterinarian (for any non-owner DVM)
  • Client Care (for anyone who works at the front desk)
  • Credentialed Patient Care (for any technician who is board certified (RVT/ CVT/ LVT, etc.)
  • Groomer (for any groomer)
  • Patient Care (for any person who participates in-patient care who is NOT credentialed: kennel assistants, doctor assistants, veterinary assistants, etc.)
  • Practice Manager (for any person in a manager role that is ABOVE supervisors
  • Practice Owner (for any owner in the hospital)
  • Supervisor (for any departmental supervisor: tech supervisor, reception supervisor, kennel supervisor, etc.)

Once you have completed the user record, click SAVE at the very bottom of the page.

After saving, you will need to define a password for the new user. We recommend having a standard new user password that all users start with. The user will be asked to create a new password when they log on for the first time.

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